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 Neverending Nightmare

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PostSubject: Neverending Nightmare   Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:54 am

Name: Neverending Nightmare
NPC: Arthas
Location: Unknown
Details: Long ago, Arthas killed a female archer. To this very day, that archer's spirit still haunts him. He requires you to go to the Deathhall and kill this spirit. However, the spirit also wishes to kill Arthas and thus, you must be quicker and slay her before Arthas dies.
Quest Item: Soul Gem (A glowing gem that is able to pierce into the Nether Realm. Holding it allows you to see invisible spirits)
Reward: Dying Wish Sword's Hilt (Combines with Dying Wish Sword's Blade)

This is based on my other suggestion; Dying Wish, and the idea is taken from other members who suggested that there be a similar quest, except the other way round.

See -- http://clanwod.quickbb.net/quests-f7/dying-wish-quest-t38.htm#153
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Neverending Nightmare
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