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 Ultmitate Weapon of all ( I think lol)

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PostSubject: Ultmitate Weapon of all ( I think lol)   Wed Apr 16, 2008 5:13 pm

Blades of Glory (s n y Icon)

adds 10 to all attributes and adittional 5 to str (u can make it agi or int)

chance to block 50% 200 dmg and gives 10 armor

150 dmg? 50 dmg? 75 dmg? you choose

Description: Forged by 2 of the Gods, Artemis and Hades. Adds 10 to all attributes and additional 5 strength. Gives 10 amor and 50% to block 200 damage. And Artemis Hunting skills and Hades Power of the Underworld, the user gets 150 damage.

Cost: 10,000
Quest Item: ?
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Ultmitate Weapon of all ( I think lol)
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