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 Some DotA item strategies,combos,noob teamates etc

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PostSubject: Some DotA item strategies,combos,noob teamates etc   Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:33 pm

So.. I made this to learn or teach you how to make some startegies
SO who has some strategies Shocked JK JK JK ok if your dealing with a combo
U might need some Perma stuns (E.X. Lets say u have jah'karal is in your team with ionno 2 bashers and u have sven and Skel king or any person who has a good stun now gank someone but s/he must not know you are ganking s/he).Or or give the other person the disadvantage (Meaning. Like you have drow ranger and some other characters who have slow. Just gank someone even if they have 3 people with them cuz u have the advantage to slow them, and i know i think this meaning sucks but trust me it works!!!)

Got noob in your team?
CK HIS ASS lol jk jk jk

If u have a noob in ur team that is feeding,item stealing and just following his/her own rules i guess u might aswell live with it....

If he/she feeds let it be (unless u tell them to stop). If u got a better plan u might either pool you best player (if u want) or get items that can help your team (like mekanism,assault cuirass,etc) or any items that take advantage to your opponents
(like cranium basher,manta style,skadii,sheep stick or cyclone stick etc).

These are the tips that MIGHT or MIGHT NOT help, so dont dare put bad replies..... lol!
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Some DotA item strategies,combos,noob teamates etc
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