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 epic collage of my ex wow guild <Time>

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PostSubject: epic collage of my ex wow guild <Time>   Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:55 am

any1 up for making a collage like that? o.o im currently collecting some pics lol

im in the top left pic in the group photo (fyi the dead dragon behind is nefarian the blackwing dragons)
top column towards the right wearing a blue robe with a purple helmet. im human u should be able to see it

EXTRA INFO: the big firelord u see is ragnaros...the firelord
and the green dragon u see is from the emerald dream

EXTRA EXTRA INFO:btw the bunny clothing u see is a tabard^^(tabard is a guild clothing which u wear to signify that ur from this particular guild) and BUNNIES FTW o.o no offence to lightburner
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epic collage of my ex wow guild <Time>
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