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 Quest List

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PostSubject: Quest List   Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:18 am

Kael appears to have either split the topic and deleted the rest, or just deleted his posts in the quest list, so I might as well make a new one.

Note that all quest (drop it, if it's black, it's a quest item) items are limited to TWO!


Villager's Town

The Villager's Town is where you start in, no matter what your level is. >_> You basically get your first few quests here.

Giant Spider (I think that's what the quest is called. >_>)
In the bottom left portion of the Villager's Town, there's a guy who looks like a Mountain King. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to kill the Giant Spider, which is located in the bottom right portion of the Green Forest. On the Giant Spider's death, you will be teleported back to "the guy", and he'll give you a Warrior's Axe.

Warrior's Axe
+4 Str
+4 Agi
+2/4 damage (or something like that)

Giant Living Tree
In the bottom right portion of the Villager's Town, you can find two peasants talking. They mention something about a Giant Living Tree, which you can defeat to get 100 gold. It is located south of the Villager's Town.

(Quest name is unavailable at the moment. =P)
In the top-center portion of the Villager's Town, you can find a house! However, the gates are locked. You can find the switch to open this door at the top left portion of the Villager's Town. By stepping on it, the gates will open. Then you can just talk to Sally Valentine. She asks you to find her husband, Jeff, who is located in the bottom-leftmost portion of the Green Forest. On your return, you receive a Tree Club or something.

Tree Club
+10 damage

Crypt Lord
In the top right portion of the Villager's Town, you can find a portal. Step into it, and you'll find the Mayor. Accept a quest from him. He will ask you to kill the Crypt Lord, located in the Death Hall (you have to be above level 10 to enter), which is found in the top left portion of town. In order to open a gate leading to the Crypt Lord, you will have to find a key located in the right portion of the Death Hall. To put it simply, the right portion of the Death Hall is sort of like a spiral. In the centermost square, look at the bottom right corner, and you'll find the key.

The Crypt Lord is a hero, so I can't tell you his stats (he levels). But on his death, he drops a Skeleton Orb or something.

Skeleton Orb
+10-18 damage (somewhere around there)
Reduces opponent's armor by about 5 on hit {Orb Effect}


Death Hall

In the top left portion of town, you will find a building. It's called the Death Hall, as the floating text might tell you. You need to be level 10 to enter here.

Death God
In the top right portion of the Death Hall, you'll find a guy with a custom model sitting there in the corner. When you walk closer to him, you can then receive a quest from him. He tasks you to enter the portal next to him, which leads to the Temple of Death. There you will find stronger zombies, and a long winding path. It leads to a boss later. You have to kill him, of course. The quest has no reward at the moment, and he is really tough.

HP: 150000 (200 regen/s, only on Blight)
Mana: 500 (5 regen/s)
Damage: 7501-7507 (Hero, 1.10 cooldown)
Armor: 30 (Hero)
Spell Damage Reduction (passive; 65% spell damage reduction)
Spell Shield (passive; blocks a spell that is targeted at Arkella every 30 seconds)
Curse (Anyone under the effect of this spell has a 33% chance to miss. Lasts 90 seconds. Costs 40 mana.)
Firebolt (2500 damage, 2 second stun. 10 second cooldown, costs 35 mana.)
Unholy Aura (Passive; increases Arkella's regen by 0.5 per second, and also increases his movement speed by 10%.


Night Elf Outpost

You make a brief pitstop at the Night Elf Outpost before you can enter the second town. I think it's called the Night Elves' Village or something. But anyway. You have to complete a quest to get through.

Black Archer (or something like that)
Basically, in the northern part of the outpost, there are like 11 wisps (they attack and have something around 29-41 siege damage) and 1 Black Archer. You get this quest from the Archer in the bottom left portion of the Night Elf Outpost. By killing the Black Archer, you get a Scroll of Archer, and you're supposed to bring it back to the questgiver. Doing so opens up the passage to the next town.


Night Elves' Village (or something.)

The Night Elves' Village is the second town. It has less quests than the first, but eh, that's not important.

Dryad's Delivery
A simple quest. There is a Dryad located in the top-leftmost portion of the town. She'll ask you to deliver a Doll (ooh it's blue) to Sally Valentine. You can just take the portal in the bottom right corner of the town to teleport back, and give it to Sally Valentine. You get rewarded 200 gold or something.

By the way, you can shoot the targets. It gives you one experience point per shot. Ranged units only!

Huntress' Item
Not altogether difficult, but pretty difficult to describe. When you talk to the Huntress in the bottom right portion of the Night Elves' Village, she'll ask you to find her item. It happens to be appropriately named "Huntress' Item". It can be found in the bottom right portion of Illidan's hideout, and you can bring it back to the Huntress for the item "1".

This item is the first part of SOME item... You'll have to find out what on your own. Or look at the sticky in the Help part of the forum. Your choice.

Illidan(or something like that. :/)
A boss quest! The Warden in the leftmost portion (can be accessed by going to the bottom left >_>) of the Night Elves' Village gives you this quest. And a Gate Key. Essentially, you have to locate Illidan, who is locked behind a gate in the eastern portion of the appropriately named Illidan's hideout. You have to open the gate with the Gate Key. Inside are a few creeps, by the way.

Similar to the Crypt Lord, Illidan is a hero. On his defeat, you get a Venom Orb (or something like that).

Venom Orb
+20-32 damage (not sure what)
Poisons the opponent on hit {Orb Effect}



The Wilderness is a dangerous place. You are automatically unallied to everyone (even Player 11) here. In here, when you lose a fight, you lose your last three items and some gold. Your opponent also gets a kill to his profile (and you get a death). It is accessible from both Illidan's hideout, and also from a circle of power (with the lightning bolt on it) in the Villagers' Town.

You also can purchase the items "Cleaving Sword" and "2" here from a merchant hidden among the trees.

Lich(or something like that)
Northeast from the Wilderness, you find a kid sitting next to an Iron Mine. I forgot his name, but that's not important. He gives you this quest to kill a Lich, who is located in the southwestern portion of the Wilderness. The Lich is, again, a Hero, so I have no way to tell you his stats. However, he has a 60% chance to drop a Frost Orb on death.

Frost Orb
32 (or around there) damage
Slows the opponent on hit {Orb Effect}

Completing this quest opens up a portal in the southeastern portion of Illidan's hideout. Be prepared for a tough fight if you enter!


Orcs' Outpost (or something like that.)

Again, another pit stop before your next town. You find this to the east of the Wilderness, or northeast of Illidan's hideout.

You can obtain "3" here, if you know what you're doing.

Medivh's Scroll

Medivh needs your help! He apparently lost a scroll behind some rocks somewhere. Lazy bum wants you to fetch it. South of the outpost, you can find two grunts and a shaman. (Some rocks would block the path before you do this quest) The shaman drops a Skeletal Staff (increases Int and damage) on death, and you can find Medivh's Scroll in the top right corner of the square where he was in. Return the scroll to Medivh, and he will open up a portal to the next town.


Orc Barrens (or something.)

This is the third town, and when the items tend to get pretty good. The shop here has a good selection; Necklace of Spell Invulnerability, Scepter of Healing, Golden Claws, etc... all are great buys.


Drak'thul is located in the top right portion of the town. By the way, don't go into his house, and don't step on the fire. You get this quest from him. He asks you to find a Tauren Chieftain southeast of the town, and kill him! He apparently has an item Drak'thul wants. It happens to be appropriately named "Drak'thul", so fetch it back to Drak'thul, and you get a Hyper Orb.

Tauren Chieftain
HP: 6000 (1 regen/s)
Damage: 188-195 (Chaos, 1 cooldown)
Armor: 40 (Fortified)

Hyper Orb
38 life steal damage {Orb Effect} (you steal 38 life on each attack)

Chaos Wyvern

The Raider in the left portion of the town gives you this quest. You are to locate a Chaos Wyvern in the northeast portion of the Orc Battlefield, and to kill it.

Chaos Wyvern
HP: 6000
Damage: 132-140 (Chaos)
Armor: 60 (Hero)

It drops 5000 gold on death.

Evil Samurai

There is an eeevil Samurai located in the top left portion of the Orc Battlefield! This quest is given to you by the Samurai located in the bottom left portion of the orc town. He asks you to kill his father. Aww, poor thing.

The Evil Samurai is a hero, so again, no stats. He drops a Lightning Blade on death.

Lightning Blade
42 damage
Chance to cast purge on hit (essentially) {Orb Effect}

On the completion of this quest, a portal southeast to the Tauren Chieftain in quest "Drak'thul" opens up. Enter when you are prepared, for a fast and furious Hero is awaiting you.

Fel Orc Shaman

This quest is given to you by the Far Seer guy. He's near the portals to the other towns. He asks you to kill a Fel Orc Shaman in the eastern portion of the Orc Battlefield. On that guy's death, he drops a Tome of Experience (not sure how much) and 2000 gold.


In between the third town and Arcania

No, it doesn't actually have a name this time. There's just a lone guard sitting next to some rocks.

Guard's Task

How aptly named!

The guard sitting next to the rocks laughs at you and goes like "oh noes no weaklings will be let through here!" He wants to test your strength by asking you to go after ANOTHER Tauren Chieftain located to his south. This one is a tad tougher because he reincarnates once. After he reincarnates (it's not really a reincarnation but eh), he becomes stronger. So be prepared. Once he's dead for real, he drops an appropriately named "Tauren Chieftain's Axe". It does nothing, for your information. Bring it back to the guard and he will open up the passage to Arcania...

Tauren Chieftain(Before reincarnating)
HP: 6000 (1 regen/s)
Damage: 188-195 (Chaos, 1 cooldown)
Armor: 40 (Fortified)

Tauren Chieftain Level 2
HP: 7000 (1 regen/s)
Damage: 201-207 (Chaos, 0.5 cooldown)
Armor: 40 (Fortified)


Arcania Town

Also known as "where everyone levels nowadays". This is the town where you get some of the best items in the game (at this point), and there is also a shop located here which sells items for summoners. Even if you can't survive the way here, if you're a summoner, get someone to buy the items for you!


A footman in the top right portion of Arcania town will tell you to kill seven scorpions in Arcania desert. They're spread out across the desert, so look for them.

HP: 10000 (5 regen/s)
Damage: 1001-1004 (Chaos; 0.2 cooldown)
Armor: 20 (Hero)
Spell Immune

An Elven Armor is awarded for your efforts after this quest.

Elven Armor
+45 armor
+3000 HP


A knight in the bottom left portion of Arcania Town will tell you to kill a Warchief found in the mid-eastern portion of Arcania desert.

HP: 15000 (14 regen/s)
Damage: 2452-2466 (Hero, 0.35 cooldown)
Armor: 25 (Hero)
Spell Immune

It drops a Battle Axe on death.

Battle Axe
+120 damage

Lost Child

A pair of parents in the top left portion of Arcania Town will request your help to find their lost child in the Arcania desert. This child is hidden behind a Chaos Raider.

Chaos Raider
HP: 12500 (5 regen/s)
Damage: 1451-1455 (Chaos, 800 range, 0.25 cooldown)
Armor: 25 (Hero)
Cannot move

Once he is dead, move behind him, and you will find the child you are looking for. He gives you a Great Sword and disappears. Ever wondered how a child can heft a sword like that? Well, next you have to wonder how a sheep can kill Cyllarus (although no one's done it yet).

Great Sword
+80 damage
+20 Strength

Mr. Rex

A rifleman in the bottom right portion of Arcania town gives you this quest. Apparently, he lost a Gem in the Arcania Desert, and requires your help to find it back. Any one of the creeps (non-bosses/Scorpions) in the Arcania Desert can drop it, so work hard to find it! If you find it, however, by bringing it back to Mr. Rex, you can obtain a double-barreled shotgun!

Double-barreled Shotgun
+35% increased attack speed
+90 agility


Also known as the toughest quest we have yet. Smack in the middle of Arcania Town, you'll find the King of Arcania (Kath'ranis). He urgently requires your help in exterminating the legendary centaur, Cyllarus, to the left of Arcania Town. Cyllarus is located in the top left portion of the desert. As a boss, he is the hardest one we have yet.

HP: 150000 (10 regen/s)
Mana: 400 (1.25 regen/s)
Damage: 7001-7007 (Hero, 1.35 cooldown)
Armor: 20 (Hero)
Autocasts slow (costs 50 mana, slows attack speed by 25%, movement speed by 60%)
Reincarnation (240 second cooldown)

On death, he drops two Ultimate Axes.

Ultimate Axe
+180 damage
+50 armor
+60 Strength, Agility and Intelligence

Do note that this item is coloured red for a reason. They are not your ordinary quest items; it is limited to one.

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Number of posts : 227
Username : HamAma
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PostSubject: Re: Quest List   Sat Mar 22, 2008 1:41 am

In between Arcania Town and ????? Town

North of the Arcania desert, you find Medivh. Again. That bugger. And he has yet another "rite of passage" quest for you!

Giant Ghoul

Medivh will open up a portal for you when you talk to him. This portal leads to the Giant Ghoul. When you defeat the Giant Ghoul, he will drop a Ghouls Claw. And Medivh will open up the portal to the next town. (Currently not functioning)

Giant Ghoul
HP: 85000 (5000 regen/s, only on Blight)
Damage: 7002-7004 (Hero, 1.3 cooldown)
Armor: 30 (Hero)
Envenomed Weapon (200 damage per second, 10 second duration on Heroes)

Ghouls Claw
+90 Strength
Your attacks poison the enemy for 150 damage per second. {Orb Effect}
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Quest List
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