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 Suggestion Template: Items and Mercanaries

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PostSubject: Suggestion Template: Items and Mercanaries   Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:36 am


Name: What is the name of the item. Pretty straightforward.
Icon: What is the icon. Like the name, it is straightforward.
Effect: What does it do? Does it heal you? Increase your life? Let you cast an ablilty? All this goes here.

Charges (Only if the Item has Charges): Number of Charges, Or number of times can be used goes here. If it can be used unlimited times, please state here.
Cooldown: If the item doesn't have a Charge or is super irritating (Like Potion of Invisiblilty) then it doesn't need to have a cooldown.

Strategies (Optional): This is entirely optional, but writing it will give a higher chance for your idea to get in. I mean, what's the point of making an item that nobody uses? Right?


Name: Name goes here. Check Item: Name
Icon: Icon goes here. Check Item: Icon
Model: Same as the icon.

Stats: What is it's attack? Defence? Attack Type? Armor Type? Health, Mana and so on.
Ablilties: What ablilties does it have? If it's not a Warcraft ablilty or if it is a Warcraft ablilty with a different name, please specify.

Stock Interval Time: The time that it takes for it to be in stock.
Stock Maximum: The maximum number of this Mercanary in particular that will be sold.
Cost: How much it will cost. Will Lumber be part of it's cost?
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Suggestion Template: Items and Mercanaries
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