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 Suggestion Templates: Items

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PostSubject: Suggestion Templates: Items   Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:43 am

Name: Most important, what is it going to be called?
Icon: Definately needed. Try and get one. If it's a Custom Icon, link or upload it.
Stats: What abliltes does the item have? Does it give stats? Can it be dropped? All this goes here.
Categorisation: What Category does it go in? Consumable? Charges? Or is it an item for Fighters? Summoners? All this goes here.

Description (Optional): A history lesson on the item? How does it look like? Where was it found? Was it owned by a certain legendary character? All this falls under here.
Reason to Equip (Optional): Although this is optional, this is probably what will get your suggested item in the game. Why do I want to use it? Is it good for my character? Does it prove useful stat bonuses that others cannot provide? Or is it a common item that proves stats better than rare items, but cost more? All this goes here.

If I am missing anything, please post it in this thread or PM me. If I see a need to add it, I will.
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Suggestion Templates: Items
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