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 [Town] Winterpeak

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PostSubject: [Town] Winterpeak   Tue Feb 12, 2008 8:02 pm


Name: Lower Winterpeak
Creatures Found: Icey Mauler (Bear), Frozen Treant (Treant), Winterpeak Bandit (Bandit)
Description: This is the lower end of Winterpeak, its creatures are in packs which means it is hard for solo.
Difficulty Level: This zone is hard and is the the weakest area of Winterpeak which means it is 320+.

Name: Upper Winterpeak
Creatures Found: Greater Icey Mauler (Bear), Ice Imbued Treant (Treant), Winterpeak Dragon (Dragon), Greater Winterpeak Dragon (Dragon).
Boss: The Frozen Prine (Was once a respected knight, untill he traveled off into the snowy wilderness. There he died from the cold, the Winterpeak called to his spirit, and revived him, he now serves Winterpeak and defends it from enemys.)
Description: This zone is very strong, and is the home for a very strong boss.
Difficulty Level: This zone is the hardest area of Winterpeak and is 450+.


Name: Icecap Ridge
NPCs: The races are Troll and Dwarf.
Description: It is a little town at the base of a cliff, which is near a frozen lake.
Quests Difficulty Level: 320 - 600

If you want me to make it, I will.
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[Town] Winterpeak
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