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 My suggested town Asgarnia quests

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PostSubject: My suggested town Asgarnia quests   Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:12 pm


This is probably like a lv 600+ town =p

Quest to get to town: Kill the Corrupted Nightelf Blockade

(Snap Dragon asks you to kill the Corrupted Nightelf Blockade so he can get back to Asgarnia, and he will show you how to get there too)

Units in the blockade:

2 Corrupted Archers
1 Corrupted Huntress
4 Corrupted Druid of the Claws (BEAR FORM)
1 Corrupted Warden

Look at the town suggestion part for the damages and other stuff, i'll put a link at the bottom.

REWARD: Access to Asgarnia and 2k exp

Asgarnian Hunters’ Quest: Kill the Wild Boar

(the Asgarnian Hunter asks you to kill the wild boar and brink back its tusks)

Wild Boar: 2000 Normal Damage/.7 Attack speed/100 Heavy Armor/ Abil: Cut(critical strike).
Item Dropped: Boar Tusks
EXP Given from killing: 1000

REWARD: Hunters Spear Gives the user 100 Str and Grants the ability THROW SPEAR does 500 damage to the targeted unit/ Mana cost: 300/Model: ANY SPEAR.

Asgarnian Assassin Quest: Assassinate the Corrupted Night Elf Lietenant.

(Assassinate the Corrupted NE lieutenant and I’ll reward you.)

Corrupted Lieutenant: Damage 1000 Chaos damage ATK Speed .5/Armor 200 hesvy/Abilities Pin down (bash but has a 5% chance to stun a target)

2 Corrupted Hunters
2 Druid of the Claws


Assassins Dagger Agi +150 Grants the ability Stab (use wardens ability shadow strike but make the range 100) does 500 initial damage and does 100 damage per second for 5 seconds.


Asgarnian High Priest Quest: Kill the Corrupted Night Elf’s Demi-God

Demi-God: 5000 Chaos Damage ATK speed 1.0/200 Fortified Armor/Ressurection

(if you can) When he resurrects he has 5000 chaos damage .5 att speed and 300 fortified arm.

Reward: 10000 EXP Scepter of Chaos +200 Mana, able to cast Chaos Bolt doing 2000 damage to the selected target. 10k gold


Asgarnian king quest: Kill the Corrupted Night Elf’s God
Corrupted Night Elfs God: 10,000 Chaos Damage/600 Fortified Armor/ resurrection

REWARD: 20,000 EXP, 20,000 gold and Gods Hand +500 damage +100 to all stats.

Link to the town part which has the damage for the regular units.

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My suggested town Asgarnia quests
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