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 Clan System

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PostSubject: Clan System   Thu Jan 24, 2008 10:54 am

ZRPG Clan System

ZRPG Clans are little groups that cooperate together, there are 1 Chieftain 2 Shamans 5 Grunts 5 Peons each clan. Whisper me on WC3 or PM me if you want to make your own clan.

Clan Ranks

Chieftain Rank
The Chieftain is allowed to change members ranks and kick members from the clan. This rank is the highest rank.

Shaman Rank
The Shamans are allowed to change members ranks expect the Chieftain and Shaman ranks.

Grunt Rank
The Grunts are allowed to give the clan stats wins or loses, of course, Chieftain and Shaman ranks are allowed to do this too.

Peon Rank
A newbie rank, this rank cannot do anything to the clan.

Clan Stats

Clan Stats give your hero bonus stats depending on the clan wins.
Every member in the clan gets this bonus, don't be stupid like suicide in the wilderness or accepting real-match duels and obviously your going to lose.
(ex. Clan Kills 15, Clan Deaths 5 = 10+ Strength, agility and intelligence.)

How to get kills

How to get kills? You kill players at the wilderness, have real-match duels or clan wars.

Clan Wars

The Chieftains can start a clan war, just post in the forum "Clan Wars" or tell me.
Observers are allowed during a clan war, but no helping such as (Watch out! He used windwalk and his right behind you!)
If the match-up is 2vs2 the Chieftain rank selects 2 members and tell the opponent clan before starting. (The Chieftain can be picked too)
The clan with the most wins is the winner. Winning alot of Clan Wars increases your clan population! (YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 2 MEMBERS IN CLAN TO HAVE A CLAN WAR). *Note, the match can randomly set-up if no one is starting a Clan War*



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Clan System
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